March 28, 2007

Not to, but with

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This is the first Talkmark post (yeah, I’ll get rid of the crappy “Hello World” someday did it 🙂 ). It’s not intended as a manifesto yet, ideas are still too liquid in my mind. Anyway this blog is meant to be a discussion board, at least for some time, to dig in how marketing and advertising are evolving and if we will still be using those concepts in ten years.

Thanks to my friend Stefano for sending me a link to this clever post from Bob Garfield on AdAge:

Mass advertising flourished in the world of mass media. Not because it was part of God’s Natural Order but because the two were mutually sustaining. You’ve read the Ten Commandments; not one of them is “Thou shalt finance hourlong dramas” — nor is there a word in there about scale. So why assume that either must transition to the new model? Not only is it economically nonsensical, it squanders the very nature of the digital universe, the ability to speak with — not to, but with — the narrowest communities and individuals themselves.

The bold-italic is mine. Not to, but with is basically what I have in my mind as the very core of Talkmarks. Again, maybe it simply won’t turn this way. Something’s going on, I’m just gathering information.

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