May 20, 2007

What will gamers and mobile web early users teach us?

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I came accross this post on AdAge on who are today’s gamers and (something on) how they behave. Ideally I put it in the same mental category as this one from TrendSpotting on  mobile web early adopters (btw TrendSpotting is quickly becoming one of my favourite trend blogs for its orientation on facts and numbers).

Why am I interested on gaming and mobile? Because gamers and mobile users are trained to be very active groups of people for what concerns media consumption. They don’t just sit there and wait for the message to reach them but are actively involved with their media and actually they want to shape the media itself on their own needs.

If you think about it, gaming is always been a relationship started by users (you turn on your console and decide what to play depending on your tastes and the specific occasion) and is in itself an extremely active behaviour compared to TV watching, newspaper reading or even watching YouTube.
Maybe this is one of the reasons why even a game purchase is mostly driven by word of mouth between gamers.

Ditto for the mobile users (mobile has always been about helping people communicate), that are generally building small (mostly local) group-opinions regarding any possible topic (YOU: “hey man, did you try that new online game?” FRIEND: “Yeah, stay away from it, it sucks! Try Line Rider instead, that’s just gorgeous!” YOU: “Cool, I’ll go and check it out man!”).
Mobile web is even better because it builds an opportunity to actually make the groups bigger and less local (today high costs for international calls and the fact that normally calls are one-to-one communications keep the informations to flow efficiently on mobile phones as they do on the web).

Main results on these researches are not that surprising (biggest chunk of gamers and mobile web users are under 35 and about 60% male), but I guess we have to have a closer look at those 2 groups to get a real feeling on how media and marketing are set to change.


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  1. thank you for your feedback on
    you are right – games on mobile can be the next thing.

    Comment by Taly Weiss — May 20, 2007 @ 11:40 am

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