May 22, 2007

Links for 22.05.2007

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You do’t own your brand, your customer does
Chris at The Social Customer Manifesto writes a quick and simple post on how social media is challenging the way marketers acted for decades. While I don’t agree on some points, I found this very inspiring:

If the customer truly is in control as a result of the advent of social media, the most important thing to do is to actually engage in transparent, authentic conversation.

Google adds Hot Trends [via the Google Operating System]
Google added a useful tool to the already cool Google Trends. It basically lets you see the 100 queries that had the biggest evolution in a certain day. For now data are only showing US searches but other countries should follow shorlty.

[More] or (Less)
Seth Godin suggests that human beings have an innate character flaw that makes them to always want more of something, not less. I kind of agree beacuse we tend to see things in positive (ie I want more spare time, not less working time).

How to change the world: Ten (nine) questions with Anastasia Goodstein
Interesting thoughts on how teenagers feel about new technologies

Joost opens to everyone
Nice review from Last100. I’ve been in the beta testing for a while. Choice is still limited and quality so-so. I’d buy choice over quality anyway, so no wonder I didn’t really fall in love with it.

AdAge post on new Pepsi ad
While it’s just part of the campaign (and Bob Garfield doesn’t like the inconsistency) I like the approach of the BBDO commercial for Pepsi:

Consider this 30-second spot, in which a wry voice-over — atop crude, hand-lettered onscreen type — “boasts” about new consumer-preference results: “In a recent survey, diet-cola drinkers were asked, ‘Which diet cola has more cola taste?’ Fifty-six percent picked Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke. That means everybody. OK, almost everybody. Mostly everybody. Fine, a little more than half of everybody. Diet Pepsi, the choice of a little more than half of everybody.”

What can you do to start a discussion when you’ve been seriously and competitive for decades? Just like in a pub, I guess that relaxing and making fun of yourself is not a bad idea.


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