May 27, 2007

Online Adv Trend Projection

Filed under: advertising, media — Simone @ 3:53 pm

I came accross this post from Read/WriteWeb on the search advertising that states that Google is making $1 per internet internet users.

Other than having to congratulate with folks at Google for the achievement (and guys, please stop telling me I should sell my – few – Google stocks), what really impressed me is the trend that Forrester is projecting for online advertising.

I’d like to know how much of that is search, but this makes a point on how much the market is expecting from new media. What I’m not sure is what these expectations are about. I mean, is this the “Advertisers will want to be where their consumers are” approach or does the stock market really understand the shift to a participatory culture that is going on? Having spoken to a few people on this my perception is that, even if everybody now knows MySpace or Facebook (btw, it really rocks), still most people can’t foresee what this means in terms of allowing an active behaviour in the relationship between people and media.

UPDATE: this post suggests the above trend may actually be underestimated (even if I doubt we’re talking about the exact same figures)

What do you think? Can internet keep up with the expectations (or beat them) or are we headed to a new bubble burst?


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