September 22, 2007

HOWTO Bleach-stencil a shirt

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Damn, if I were a marketer of bleaches I would link to stuff like this.


Or maybe not. Maybe, just maybe, I couldn’t overcome the fear of Web 2.0 or the simple fact that “the bigger the company gets, the more energy anybody trying to get anything interesting done will have to spend“.

Note to self: If there’s anything you learnt these years of working, is that trying is not enough. So pls stop looking for excuses and start pushing your company (I mean the building et all, if needed) where it is supposed to go. You either gonna be an hero or lose your job. If you put it in perspective, it may be worth running the risk.

Original link via BoingBoing.

[Bonus: I’m listening to the latest album by Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Lifeline. It rocks. Highly recommended.]


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